Chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache gives a smooth melt in the mouth and my idea is to enhance the sweet and creamy flavor from chocolate and Chantilly. Endlessly enjoyed by crispy cookies.  

Chocolate sponge

Used products: Chocolate sponge

Preparation: Chocolate sponge

Whip almond powder together with the first muscovado sugar egg yolk and whole egg

Melt butter and chocolate

Whip egg white with second muscovado sugar, salt and acid

Fold the egg white into the almond mix

Fold in flour mix

Add the warm chocolate –butter mix

Spread in 4040 frame 

Bake 8 min in oven at 180℃

Chocolate cookie

Used products: Chocolate cookie

Preparation: Chocolate cookie

Mix together all the ingredients. Separate between two guitar sheets 2mm.cut the 6.5mm round shape.

Bake at 180℃ between two silpat 7 to 8 minute.

Fresh banana

Used products: Fresh banana

  • 1.5 lb
    Fresh banana (peeled)
  • 10.8 gr
    ascorbic acid

Preparation: Fresh banana

Cut the banana small dice 

Mix with ascorbic acid

Chocolate mousse

Used products: Chocolate mousse

Preparation: Chocolate mousse

Boil milk and carob gum, pour over the chocolate, soaked gelatin and mix

Add salt and acid to egg whites

Whip with a syrup cook to 110℃ 

While still warm, fold stiff whites into chocolate base.

Fold in to the chocolate base

Mascarpone Chantilly

Used products: Mascarpone Chantilly

Preparation: Mascarpone Chantilly

Warm milk and Lemon zest. add couverture and mix.

Mix mascarpone and some liquid cream and add remaining cream.

Leave to cool 5℃. Whipped before application.

Assembly and finishing

Place the round shape of cake on the cookie

Cover with the chocolate belt surrounding it.

Pipe the mascarpone Chantilly on top of the center and stamp with the frozen design stamping for splash.