The taste and peace of home can be presented by a dessert – this is my aim with Chamomile. In this creation, I collected and connected the best ingredients from Alföld and Hortobágy: the pleasant chamomile flower, the surprising Hungarian rice and the sweet apple with pure Evocao chocolate. Actually, this dessert is a milk rice, transformed into art, which can remind anyone of their childhood.

Cocoa Sponge (38 portions)

Used products: Cocoa Sponge (38 portions)

Preparation: Cocoa Sponge (38 portions)

Mix milk, egg, honey and oil. 

Sieve together flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla. 

Then mix together all the liquids. 

Pipe 9 g in the mold and bake at 170°C for 5 minutes.


Chamomile Milk Rice (35 portions)

Used products: Chamomile Milk Rice (35 portions)

  • 340 g
  • 15 g
    chamomile flower from Alföld
  • 75 g
    Valoryz white rice
  • 190 g
    cream 35%
  • 21 g
  • 0.4 g
    vanilla powder
  • 0.8 g

Preparation: Chamomile Milk Rice (35 portions)

Warm milk and infuse chamomile for 7 minutes.

Strain and rescale. 

Cook rice with infused milk and cream.

At the end add sugar, vanilla and salt.


Apple Confit (35 portions)

Used products: Apple Confit (35 portions)

  • 180 g
    fresh apple juice
  • 90 g
    fresh lemon juice
  • 81 g
    glucose syrup
  • 2 piece(s)
    lemon zest
  • 21 g
  • 8 g
  • 270 g
    diced apples

Preparation: Apple Confit (35 portions)

Warm apple juice and lemon juice with glucose syrup and lemon zest at 45°C.

Mix in sugar and pectin and bring to boil. 

Cook for a minute then add apples. 

Cook for another minute.



Almond Sable (35 portions)

Used products: Almond Sable (35 portions)

  • 300 g
  • 180 g
    icing sugar
  • 500 g
    Flour T55
  • 63 g
    almond flour
  • 5 g
  • 110 g

Preparation: Almond Sable (35 portions)

Cream butter with sugar. 

Add flour, almond flour and salt. 

Finally mix the eggs in.


Tuille (35 portions)

Used products: Tuille (35 portions)

  • 21 g
    egg white
  • 36 g
    icing sugar
  • 52 g
    flour T45
  • 65 g
    cream 35%

Preparation: Tuille (35 portions)

Mix all ingredients. 

Bake at 160°C for 5 minutes.


Assembly and finishing

Pipe the Chamomile milk rice to the bottom of the tart. Top with a layer (16g ) Apple confit. Place the cocoa sponge disk over the confit then cover it with the Evocao whipped ganache. 
Then spray the top of the dessert with white velvet spray then spray the middle of the Chamomile flower with the yellow color. Decorate it with the elegant tuille.