Topic: #Locallove  Flavors: Hazelnut, citrus and milk chocolate These are flavours that take me back to my Mediterranean origins without moving from  the land that welcomes me in the present.

Hazelnut ganache

Preparation: Hazelnut ganache

Step 1. Mix the water with the sugars, bring to the boil.

Step 2. Pour over the Pure paste 100% hazelnut, the  Ghana 40% origin chocolate and the Barry cocoa butter.

Step 3. Emulsify with the electric mixer and fill the moulds.

Chocolate and hazelnuts croustillant

Preparation: Chocolate and hazelnuts croustillant

Step 1. Melt the Ghana 40% origin chocolate and mix it  with the pure paste 100% hazelnut and hazelnuts oil. 

Step 2. Add the chopped hazelnuts, the Pailleté feuilletine and a pinch of salt to the previous mixture.  

Step 3. Fill the moulds.

Citrus gelée

Used products: Citrus gelée

  • 100 g
  • 70 g
  • 90 g
    citrus juice
  • 3 g
  • piece(s)
    Citrus Zest

Preparation: Citrus gelée

Step 1. Mix and bring all ingredients to the boil. 

Step 2. Leave to cool until it gels. 

Step 3. Mix to a puree texture. Keep cold and fill the moulds.


Assembly and finishing

Step 1. Line the hazelnut molds with Zéphyr Caramel 35%, then pipe with de chocolate and hazelnuts croustillant one half of them. 

Step 2. Pipe a dot of gelée in the other half of the hazelnut mould and the hazelnut ganache onto the bottom  of the moulds. Leave to crystallize. 

Step 3. Put the two halves together and paint them with the tempered chocolate spray at 30°C. 

Step 4. Finish with a fine decoration of Lactée Barry 35% chocolate.