St Neva

St Neva


St Neva

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Preparation: St Neva

Make a dry caramel with sugar is glucose (very light honey color), déglaze it with the mixture of baked beetroot purée, water, juice tangerine, mandarin zest and cream.
Simmer the mixture with close lid for 2 minutes, then mix and strain. Leave the mixture down 85 degrees.

Slowly pour the beetroot mixture over the milk chocolate Alunga™and Mycryo®, by mixing in the center to create a ‘’core ‘’ elastic and shiny, sign a emulsion started.
This texture will be retained until the end of the mixture continuing to add the liquid gradually.

Once the ganache is 30 C, mix with hand blender and fill in prepared bonbon molds.

Allow to crystallize at 24-36h at 17 ° C and 60% humidity. Then close the bonbon.