Crème anglaise-based mousse

Crème anglaise-based mousse

The main characteristic of this type of mousse is that it is creamy, glutinous and contains relatively little air. It has a powerful, direct chocolate flavour.

Basic recipe

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Preparation: Basic recipe

1. Create a crème anglaise by heating the milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla pod together to 80/84°C.
2. Emulsify the crème anglaise completely with the dark couverture.
3. Check the temperature of the mixture: it should be around 40 to 45°C.

Finally, fold in the whipped cream. The final temperature of this mousse should be around 24 to 28°C, at most. 


This mousse, together with the ganachebased mousse, is very versatile. It is used in assembling all types of dessert. The final texture —semi-liquid— enables it to be assembled with ladles. It has good stability when refrigerated. It is the best for use in desserts that will be glazed.