Pâte à bombe-based mousse

Pâte à bombe-based mousse

The main characteristic of this mousse is its very airy and balanced chocolate and egg flavours.

Basic recipe

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Preparation: Basic recipe

1. Once the pâte à bombe has been beaten with the vanilla, leave it to cool to 25/30°C in the mixer while beating at medium speed.
2. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate at 50 to 55°C and whip the cream.
3. Mix a part of the cream with the warm couverture and emulsify.
4. Mix this base with the pâte à bombe and finally add the remaining semi-whipped cream.

Pâte à bombe base

Used products: Pâte à bombe base

  • 9.5 oz
    egg yolks
  • 8.0 oz
  • 7.4 oz
    invert sugar
  • 4.9 oz

Preparation: Pâte à bombe base

1. Boil the water with the invert sugar.
2. Scald the egg and yolk mix with the syrup and heat as if it were a crème anglaise until it starts to coagulate (around 80°C).
3. Weight out the required amount and start to beat immediately until it forms ribbons.

In this mousse type, since you cannot mix the couverture directly, as the different densities would affect the pâte à bombe, the correct temperature before mixing with the cream cannot be guaranteed.
For that reason, you need to heat the couverture to a maximum temperature of around 50°C. The final temperature of this mousse should be around 24 to 28°C. 


This mousse can be used for all kinds of dessert. The final texture is not liquid due to the pâte à bombe. To assemble the desserts, you can use a ladle or a piping bag with a wide tip. It has good stability when refrigerated.