Chocolate bavarois

Chocolate bavarois

The main characteristic of the bavarois is that it is creamy, containing relatively little air and with a balanced flavour between the chocolate and the crème anglaise, since the mousse is not very rich in chocolate. For this reason, to stabilise it, it always needs a percentage of gelatine, giving it a crème caramel-like texture. Most classic bavarois are based on a high percentage of crème anglaise, ranging from 40 to 60%, to which gelatine, the chosen chocolate, and semi-whipped cream are added.

Basic recipe

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Preparation: Basic recipe

1. Create a crème anglaise by heating the milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla pod together to 80/84°C.
2. Add the gelatine sheets, which have been previously soaked in cold water.
3. Emulsify the crème anglaise completely with the couverture.
4. Leave the base to cool to 25/26°C and then fold in the semi-whipped cream.

Since the bavarois contains a lower percentage of couverture than the other mousses, the final temperature will be the lowest; ideally around 20 to 23°C. 


A bavarois is used in particular with ingredients that provide subtle flavours. For assembling in desserts in which the mousse will be surrounded by a sponge, as its stability after a few days is lower, given it contains less couverture. The final texture—semi-liquid—means desserts can be assembled using a ladle. It is not recommended for use in desserts that will be glazed.