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Discover the result of the collaboration between the Canadian sommelier and world champion François Chartier and the creative team of Cacao Barry.


“2018 will be a very busy year for me  - there are so many projects I am involved in and I am sure it will be an exciting year full of creativity.  I want to wish a great 2018 and all  best for all the friends of Cacao Collective.

At the same time I am sharing with you the recipe of the dessert inspired by the new Rare chocolate Esmeralda from Cacao Barry. For this we have created a silicone mold in the form of stone.”

Ramon Morato


The name of the new Cacao Barry chocolate ‘La Esmeralda’ refers to the Spanish name of the plantation which it comes from.


The word NIKKEI means "Japanese outside of Japan" and is the name by which migrants of Japanese origin and their descendants are designated. “Llueve in Peru" is Ramon Morato’s  tribute to the Nikkei kitchen.


Five bonbons were tasted during the gala for the World’s 50 Best 2016, held a few months ago in the Big Apple. These bonbons represent five stories.


The possibility of connecting with many professionals in different fields gave him ample knowledge of the craft and helped him to realise his passion for teaching, researching and creating products related with the world of confectionery.


This bonbon is inspired by the colors of the precious stone, Emerald.


I found my inspiration for this tablette thanks to the subtle note of balsamic in this Rare Chocolate.


2 recipes refreshed

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Ramon Morato accepted the challenge to refresh his view and create two recipes.


From March 5 to 7, 2017, the" cream of the cream "of the young world cuisine, trendy, talented and hardworking, met in the heart of Paris for a few  "Omnivores“ days.


Lapsang souchong is a black tea originally from Zheng Shan part of the Wuyi Mountain in the province of Fujian, China. It is a tea made with smoked leaves, generally cultivated at an altitude of between 3,500 and 5,000 metres.


Jasmine tea has a history that goes back more than a thousand years, from the times of the Song dynasty, and has a basis of green tea and white tea.


Matcha is a ground green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha tea comes from the leaves of tea that is grown in the shade, which are ground and steamed. 


“As soon as I started out in the pastry-making sector I realised that this was a marvellous trade. The possibility of mixing several ingredients and creating with your own hands something that can…