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The Cacao Powders Collection


Explore our collection of extra fine cacao powders developed with creative chefs, from masters to the next generation. Together, we handpicked the best cacao powders to answer your evolving needs, both in the kitchen and in fitting today's consumers' aspirations and chosen lifestyles (i.e. vegan, plant-based, healthy, halal, kosher...).

Our 100% cacao powders collection encompasses all the possibilities for chefs to express their true nature:

  • An exciting collection of fine cacao flavours including single origins & organic options, opening limitless creative pairing paths for chefs.
  • An unmatched palette of colours, either dutched or natural to unleash chefs’ creativity and playfulness.
  • A compelling selection of pH, fat content & water absorption level to realize all recipes and allow cutting-edge techniques.

Including two innovative and unique cacao powders, unparalleled in the gourmet world:

  • Nature Cacao: first real deep dark natural cacao powder, giving your vegan dessert a truly enticing look and taste
  • Décor Cacao: introducing the era of the perfect Tiramisu! The first hydrophobic cacao powder remains dry over wet applications, keeping your tiramisu, truffles, and cake decoration looking fresh much longer!
Cacao Barry’s Universelle range

Discover the collection of our cacao powders: 

Cacao Barry’s Universelle range is the ultimate collection of all-around cacao powders, built upon iconic French savoir-faire. It has been perfected to be a reliable choice for universal use. Featuring 3 high fat and dutched cacao powders, it reveals superior intense colours, powerful cacao flavours and the smoothest texture: Extra Brute, Plein Arôme and Rouge Ultime (Cameroon Origin).

The Cacao Powders Collection
cacao powders

Cacao Barry’s Naturelle range is a delicious innovative collection of 100% cacao natural powders offering rare fine flavours and a variety of remarkable colours: from dark to light brown, with organic and single origin options. The range is the perfect ally for vegan recipes for which the attribute «natural» is essential, without compromising taste. Get inspired with Nature Cacao and Nature Fruitée (Santo Domingo Origin).

cacao powders
Cacao Powder

Cacao Barry’s Performante range is a collection of unique cacao powders selected for their exceptional characteristics fitting very specific use for unbeatable results. With various fat content, different pH levels or technical features such as insoluble powder, this range pushes further the boundaries of cacao powders like never before. Explore now Décor Cacao, Légère 1% and Noir Intense.

Cacao Powder


Cacao Barry's cacao powders collection is the first to offer a re-sealable bag with a zip seal to keep the product fresh, practical for chefs.

To have an overall recyclable bag, only one mono-material is used, both for the bag and the labels. This packaging can be collected, sorted and then successfully recycled in most countries which reduces waste and is environmentally friendly.




With the new Cacao Alphabet book, get ready to learn everything you need to know about cacao powders to get the results you want!