Quality, terroir and sustainability lie at the heart of the brand’s expertise. Cacao Barry® carefully selects the best beans and has a commitment to innovation to constantly reinvent its ranges while respecting nature and cocoa farmers. Each chocolate offers a bouquet of aromas that are unique to a very specific region, country or plantation.

Each chocolate range has specific benefits such as distinctive flavour characteristics and optimized fluidity. They afford chefs great stories offering upselling possibilities addressing customers' needs for indulgent, sustainable, traceable and organic products.

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Pure cacao products

The pure cacao range is a selection of 100% cocoa products from perfectly roasted beans. Cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass allow chefs to create gourmet recipes with the pure and intense taste of cocoa.

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Nut based products

Cacao Barry presents the nuts collection. A range of pure flavours from mediterranean freshly sourced and produced nuts.

With a process respecting the natural growth cycles, we carefully select, source and process the fresh nuts. From 100% pure paste, to pure or caramelized fresh pralines, we present the world a fresh perspective on nuts.

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Cacao Barry’s croustillant products provide easy to use flavours and textures that will add an interesting crunchiness to your desserts.

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Convenience products

Our convenience products are the perfect way to finish a dessert, whether you want a shiny glaze, more texture or a subtle but stunning decoration.

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