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history of the Cacao Barry company

For over 175 years

As former coffee and tea merchant, the Barry family set the standard in 1842 by travelling to Africa to seek out and harvest a selection of cocoa beans to transform them into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Bought by the enterprising La carré family in 1923, the company was catapulted into the international arena, while further investing in cocoa plantations, factories and communities in both Africa and South America.

Creation of the baking sticks and simultaneously the famous pain au chocolat.

Launch of the brand “Your Demonstration Partner” to introduce personalized assistance and support to professionals

As a partner, Cacao Barry® is the first brand to introduce moulds for craftsmen.

First brand to offer chocolate in the convenient shape of Pistoles™. At the same time Cacao Barry® enlarges its mould range by launching polycarbonate bonbon moulds. This enables craftsmen to diversify their confectionery offer.

Creation of an innovation for pastry chefs: Pailleté Feuilletine™. Today, this product is essential for the famous recipe: Le Royal Chocolat.

Launch of Mycryo® cocoa butter - a pure fat naturally found in cocoa beans.

Launch of the Plantation range. The beans for these chocolates originate from a single plantation, allowing Cacao Barry® to offer unique aromatic notes that evolve over time.

Cacao Barry® discovers specific ferments naturally present in the local plantation environment (plant leaves and soil) that have a beneficial impact on the fermentation process. This results in Q-Fermentation: a fermentation process during which intense and pure flavours are released by each bean.

Launch of a new packaging to ensure the protection of cocoa flavours and highlight cocoa knowledge.
And the Launch of CacaoCollective, the number one chef community dedicated to inspiration, information and creativity around chocolate. CacaoCollective: created for Chefs / by Chefs.

Launch of "La Esmeralda" the first RaRe Chocolate. The RaRe Chocolates Collection (2017) represents the commitment Cacao Barry© has towards guaranteeing the future availability and diversity of the finest and most unique cocoa.

A Fresh Perspective on nuts with the relaunch of Cacao Barry's collection: reinvented to offer an infinite range of flavours and textures to Chefs. Product creation expertly combines, grinds, and sweetens to serve any palette or pastry purpose.