Celery and Zephyr™ macaron

Celery and Zephyr™ macaron

Recipe for approx. 120 macarons

Macaron dough

Used products: Macaron dough

  • 1000 g
    TPT (50% icing sugar, 50% powdered almonds)
  • 170 g
    fresh egg whites
  • 500 g
  • 180 g
  • 170 g
    egg white
  • 15 g
    white colourant powder

Preparation: Macaron dough

Mix the TPT with the fresh egg whites but do not beat
In another pan boil the sugar and water, bring to 117°C and pour over the beaten egg whites to make an Italian meringue.
Combine the two mixtures and with the dough, form circles on baking sheets.
Let dry for 10-15 min and then bake at 160°C.

Celery and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Used products: Celery and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Preparation: Celery and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Mix the juice with the celery powder, dissolve the dextrose and warm to 30°C.
Slowly pour the celery mixture over the melted white chocolate couverture at 45°C.
Add in the gelatin when the mixture reaches 40-50°C, emulsify with the butter.
Set aside.

Black pepper crumble

Used products: Black pepper crumble

  • 100 g
    demerara sugar
  • 80 g
  • 120 g
    fine flour
  • 5 g
    black pepper
  • 3 g

Preparation: Black pepper crumble

Cut the butter into cubes and store in the refrigerator.
Place all other ingredients in the machine, add the butter and mix.
Mix until it forms a crumbly dough, then bake at 160°C.



Pipe dots of celery ganache in the macarons and place a diced celery.
Sandwich the shells and set aside.
Pipe a dot of cream cheese to the top before serving.
Decorate as you wish.