Palet des Anges

Palet des Anges


Pâte Sablée

Used products: Pâte Sablée

  • 100 g
    whole egg(s)
  • 500 g
  • 190 g
    icing sugar
  • 60 g
    almond powder
  • 300 g

Preparation: Pâte Sablée

Mix together all ingredients.
Roll out dough until 0.3 mm thick.
Cut into 6-cm diameter circle with cutter and bake in oven at 160°C for 15 minutes.

Strawberry Jelly Heart

Used products: Strawberry Jelly Heart

  • 180 g
    Fruit'Purée Strawberry Capfruit
  • 30 g
  • 45 g
  • 4 g

Preparation: Strawberry Jelly Heart

Heat together Fruit'Purée Strawberry Capfruit and glucose to 60°C.
Mix together sugar and pectin, and add.
Heat up to 103°C and pipe small amount into centre of pâte sablée.

Yuzu-Caramel Ganache

Used products: Yuzu-Caramel Ganache

  • 100 g
  • 60 g
    glucose syrup
  • 50 g
  • 40 g
  • 140 g
    Fruit'Purée Yuzu Capfruit
  • 1 piece(s)
    vanilla bean

Preparation: Yuzu-Caramel Ganache

Make caramel with sugar and glucose syrup.
Heat together water, butter, Fruit'Purée Yuzu Capfruit and vanilla, and deglaze caramel with it.
Leave to cool to 85°C, strain into chocolate and emulsify with hand blender.
Leave to cool to 25°C and pipe around strawberry jelly centre in pâte sablée.

Green Oolong Tea Ganache

Used products: Green Oolong Tea Ganache

  • 60 g
  • 125 g
    glucose syrup
  • 15 g
  • 30 g
  • 20 g
    Oolong tea
  • 6 g
  • 450 g
    35% cream

Preparation: Green Oolong Tea Ganache

Mix together cream and oolong tea, and leave to infuse for 24 hours.
Add glucose and heat to 60°C.
Mix together sugar and pectin, and add.
Heat to 103°C and leave to cool to 85°C.
Strain onto chocolate, butter and cocoa butter, and emulsify with hand blender.
Leave to cool to 30°C and pipe around yuzu-caramel ganache in pâte sablée.
Cover with pâte sablée and dip into tempered Cacao Barry® Origin milk chocolate couverture Ghana 40% cocoa mixed with chopped hazelnuts.