TLM dessert

TLM dessert

Recipe makes approx. 6 units measuring 14 cm sideways and 3.5 cm high

Almond sable dough

Used products: Almond sable dough

  • 800 g
    Wholemeal spelt flour T80
  • 250 g
    almond flour
  • 250 g
    Icing Sugar
  • 8 g
  • 500 g
    cold butter
  • 120 g

Preparation: Almond sable dough

1. Use a spatula to mix together the flour, almond flour, icing sugar, salt and diced butter until you have a sandy texture.
2. Add the eggs and mix until the dough comes together and leave stretched and covered in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
3. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 3.5 mm and cut out 12 cm² squares.
4. Rest for about 20 minutes and pre-cook in the oven at 160 ºC. 

Evocao™Wholefruit Sponge Cake

Used products: Evocao™Wholefruit Sponge Cake

Preparation: Evocao™Wholefruit Sponge Cake

1. Whip the almond flour, sugars and egg yolk.
2. Gradually add the eggs until you have a stiff batter.
3. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites with the sugar and mix the two together.
4. Add the chocolate and melted butter at approximately 45 ºC.
5. Finally add the cocoa powder sieved with the flour.
6. Measure out onto the cooked squares of almond sable dough.
7. Bake at 180 ºC in a convection oven.

Lemon and mint compote

Used products: Lemon and mint compote

  • 120 g
    Boiled whole lemon pulp
  • 100 g
    lemon juice
  • 200 g
  • 150 g
  • 4 g
    pectin NH
  • 6 g
    gelatin leaves
  • 6 g
    mint leaves
  • 1 g
    lime zest

Preparation: Lemon and mint compote

1. Boil the whole lemons for about an hour until the peel is well hydrated (change the water approximately 5 times during cooking).
2. Cut in half, remove the insides and pass through the meat mincer until you have a thick sauce.
3. Weigh out the required amount of lemon pulp and add the lemon juice and water.
4. Heat the sugar and combine with the pectin. 
5. Boil for one minute, take off the boil and add the gelatine leaves.
6. When the temperature is around 40 ºC, add the mint, lime and pour approximately 70 g into 12 cm square moulds.  

Jasmine tea foam

Used products: Jasmine tea foam

  • 750 g
    Infusion of jasmine tea
  • 120 g
  • 12 g
    gelatin leaves
  • 1 g
  • 300 g
    slightly whipped cream

Preparation: Jasmine tea foam

1. Mix together the infusion of jasmine tea and sugar and heat to around 40 ºC.
2. Add the previously hydrated gelatine leaves.
3. Chill to approximately 20/25 ºC, add the Xantana and blend with a stick blender.
4. Finally add the lightly whipped cream.
5. Pour around 120 g onto the lemon compote frozen in the 12 cm square moulds. 

* Note: For the infusion of tea, take 880 g of milk, 220 g of single cream and 70 g of jasmine tea.
Heat the liquid to 90 °C, pour the tea and leave to infuse for 4 minutes. Strain and separate the 750 g required for the recipe.

Evocao™ Wholefruit Chocolate Mousse

Used products: Evocao™ Wholefruit Chocolate Mousse

Preparation: Evocao™ Wholefruit Chocolate Mousse

1. Boil the milk with the single cream and add the gelatine leaves.
2. Pour onto the couverture and emulsify.
3. Check the temperature and, when everything is at around 40/45 ºC, combine with the lightly whipped cream.
4. Assemble the cake immediately.

Dark chocolate mirror glaze

Used products: Dark chocolate mirror glaze

Preparation: Dark chocolate mirror glaze

1. Heat the water with the cocoa powder, add the sugar and the glucose syrup.
2. Bring to the boil, take off the heat and add the condensed milk and gelatine leaves.
3. Pour the mixture onto the dark couverture and emulsify.
4. Pass through a sieve and put in the fridge.
5. Use approximately 40 ºC on the previously frozen cakes.

Chocolate decoration

Used products: Chocolate decoration

Preparation: Chocolate decoration

1. Melt the chocolate and anhydrous butter.
2. Add the cocoa powder and temper the mixture.
3. Lay onto the chocolate plaques.


1. Measure out a layer of chocolate mousse in the bottom of the moulds.
2. Create the inside with the lemon and mint compote and tea foam. 
3. Continue assembling by measuring out the chocolate mousse and finish with the chocolate biscuit and the sable dough.
4. Put in the freezer and once frozen, cover with the chocolate glaze.
5. Decorate with the chocolate plaques.