Dark chocolate sponge

Used products: Dark chocolate sponge

Preparation: Dark chocolate sponge

1) Melt butter and cocoa mass.
2) Mix marzipan with sugar (A) with a paddle.
3) Slowly add the eggs and egg yolks, scrape and make sure there is no lumps.
Then change to a whip and whip it to light.
4) Whip the egg whites and sugar (B) till stiff peak and gently fold into the egg yolks.
5) Fold in the sifted flour and cocoa powder in three additions.
6) Drizzle and fold in the melted butter and cocoa mass mixture.

Flamed banana

Used products: Flamed banana

  • 12.3 oz
    fresh ripe banana
  • 12.3 oz
  • 12.3 oz
    brown rum

Preparation: Flamed banana

1) Caramlize sugar
2) Add the slices banana
3) Flambe with rum

Pecan meringue

Used products: Pecan meringue

  • 8.1 oz
    egg white
  • 8.1 oz
    unrefined cane sugar
  • 8.1 oz
    icing sugar
  • 2.0 oz
    Cacao powder
  • 2.0 oz
    Pecan powder

Preparation: Pecan meringue

1) Heat the egg white and sugar till 50’C and whip airy
2) Combine with icing sugar with a spatula, followed by the cacao powder and the pecan powder
3) Pipe on the tray
4) Bake at 80’C in the oven.

Chocolate banana whip ganache

Used products: Chocolate banana whip ganache

Preparation: Chocolate banana whip ganache

1) Cook the milk and glucose and add this to the gelatine mass and dark chocolate.
2) After add the cream and banana and mix with the handblender and store overnight before whipping.

For Assembly and Finishing

Used products: For Assembly and Finishing

  • 0.7 oz
    Pecan meringue
  • 0.1 oz
    WFC chocolate decor
  • 1.4 oz
    Chocolate banana whip ganache
  • 0.4 oz
    Rum flamed bananas
  • 0.4 oz
    Pecan paste 100%
  • 0.4 oz
    Dark chocolate sponge
  • 15.4 gr
    WFC shaving
  • 15.4 gr
    orange zest

Preparation: For Assembly and Finishing

Pipe the meringue onto perforated silicone mats and place one more mat on top and dry at 80’C for several hours till completely dry.
After the meringue has cooled down, brush the top and bottom with chocolate and stick on the bottom cut out circles of 3cm dark chocolate sponge.
On the top of the meringue place on 3 pieces flamed banana and pipe the whipped ganache on top of all the meringue.
Pipe inside the whipped ganache a bit of pecan paste and take the WFC chocolate and shave it on top and decorate the product with the chocolate decoration leaves, flamed bananas and orange zest.