The Lab

The Lab


The Lab

Our Cacao Barry® Chefs challenge themselves daily to surprise and delight their customers.
The Lab is their playground, where they can revisit classic recipes, explore society’s trends and experiment new creative paths …


Our latest bulletin is about the adventurous journey taken by our team in Barcelona led by Miquel Guarro.


Download the second bulletin about chocolate mousses.


Discover the result of the collaboration between the Canadian sommelier and world champion François Chartier and the creative team of Cacao Barry.


Download our latest bulletin, "Honey X Chocolate" by Chef Mathieu Dierinck by filling the form.


Our Chef and Creative Director Ramon Morató was very curious to learn about the science behind the classic "mousse au chocolat".


Our Cacao Barry chef and head of the Chicago Chocolate Academy has a passion known by most of us : Triathlon.


Invasion of the plants: it could be the name of a new superhero movie.


Shoes, Pastry, Creativity. Discover soon the first interview at our CacaoBarryLab on CacaoCollective, stay tuned!


"Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and concepts...



Creativity. Collaboration. Exchange. Innovation.Technique. Science. Art. Inspiration.


Cacao Barry® ambassador Melissa Coppel, perfects her techniques and agreed to share her tips with us through chocolatier focus applications.


1 icon 3 recipes

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Philippe Bertrand accepted the challenge to recreate this iconic recipe.


3 Trends of tomorrow

Discover Chef Nicolas Dutertre the 3 interpretations of the real Chou, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


1 Classic 3 interpretations

Discover Chef Wielfried Hauwel interpretation of the Marble cake, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


3 versions futureproof

Discover Chef Jerôme Landrieu interpretation of the French Cream tart, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


3 Mont-Blanc creations

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Chef Miquel Guarro accepted the challenge to refresh his view and way of creating the French Mont-Blanc.


2 recipes refreshed

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Ramon Morato accepted the challenge to refresh his view and create two recipes.


Invasion of the Plants is a creative exercise by the chefs of the Cacao Barry® brand around the world.


The baba cake | 3 translations

It was originally a cake of Polish and Russian origin. Stanisław Leszczyn ́ski, the exiled King of Poland and well known as a great gourmand.


Chocolates with Asian teas

Tea is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. There is a thousand-yearold history that plays a role in the tradition of many nations.