Episode 2 - Origin

Not only the tree species determine the characteristics of cocoa beans, but also the region, the climate, the soil, etc.
Just like a wine expert can recognize the grape, the region, and even the year of harvest by savouring wine, chocolate reflects the origin of the cocoa beans.

“I believe chefs and people are looking for origins because they want to have somehow a place or a face behind the cacao.”
Cinzia Anselmi, Agro-science specialist

“For historical reasons, and evolutionary reasons, the particularities of the local flora of Asia are very different to the ones of Africa or America.”
Eduardo Somarriba, Specialist in development of agroforestry systems with cacao

“Being inside the jungle adds to the fruit much value, flavour and all. There is exchange between plants.”
Manuel Valenzuela, Cholula cacao plantation owner

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