Soleil fruits caramels chocolate

Soleil fruits caramels chocolate

I wanted the desert to have something to do with the subject of the competition, and since we are in a period that suffers from climate change that will lose us for nature in the future, so I created this recipe like sun, it is the main source of energy, because it is one of the most important sources of renewable energy.

Hazelnuts biscuit

Used products: Hazelnuts biscuit

  • 190 g
  • 95 g
    Icing Sugar
  • 165 g
    egg white
  • 140 g
    argan oil
  • 6 g
    baking powder
  • 25 g
    inverted sugar
  • 40 g
  • 55 g

Preparation: Hazelnuts biscuit

Step 1. Mix all the ingredients together
Step 2. Put in the oven at 170°C for 10 min


Hazelnut nougat

Used products: Hazelnut nougat

  • 100 g
  • 80 g
  • 30 g
  • 4 g
  • 300 g

Preparation: Hazelnut nougat

Step 1. Cook the hazelnuts in the oven at 160°C for 10min
Step 2. Caramelize the sugar, glucose, butter and salt
Step 3. Mix everything together

Chocolate mousse

Used products: Chocolate mousse

Preparation: Chocolate mousse

Step 1. Whisk the cream
Step 2. Boil the milk, the cream and glucose
Step 3. Add to the dark chocolate
Step 4. At 31°C, add the whipped cream

Saffron Chocolate creamy

Used products: Saffron Chocolate creamy

  • 75 g
    35% cream
  • 1 g
  • 75 g
  • 75 g
  • 100 g

Preparation: Saffron Chocolate creamy

Step 1. Boil the cream, glucose, the milk and saffron
Step 2. Add to the chocolate until emulsion

Caramelized Fruits

Used products: Caramelized Fruits

  • 4 g
  • 250 g
    fresh mango
  • 250 g
    brown sugar
  • 50 g
  • 1 g
    gousse de vanille

Preparation: Caramelized Fruits

Step 1. Put all the ingredients in the pan until caramelisation

Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1. For our concept, we start by putting at the bottom the dark chocolate mousse 
Assembly step 2. We then, put the saffron chocolate creamy on top
Assembly step 3. Proceed by adding the hazelnut biscuit shaped like a sun
Assembly step 4. Put the caramelized fruits on top
Assembly step 5. Sprinkle the hazelnut nougat