The OR NOIR™ experience


Since it was founded in 1842 by Charles Barry, the story of Cacao Barry® is marked by the desire to work in close partnership with the best chocolatiers of its time. In this context, a method of creating couverture chocolate by blending, called OR NOIR™, was developed at the same time as premises exclusively dedicated to the implementation of this method: the OR NOIR™ Lab.

Among the huge choice of chocolate recipes, artisans are always on the lookout for a recognisable unique taste to become their "mark" or their signature. No method exists that will enable them to create this unique chocolate under the best conditions, since for that, a powerful structure with the capacity to source beans from the four corners of the world is required, as well as a flexible structure that makes the on-demand creation of chocolate recipes possible, with extremely low manufacturing minima: 500 kg per recipe.

From this observation was born OR NOIR™, a "blending workshop" available to artisan-chocolatiers, to enable them to create unique works.