Episode 11 - Challenges

How can we make sure farmers feel supported and are rewarded for their hard work and passion? And at the same time enthuse future generations of farmers to continue cultivating cacao, ensuring a sustainable future for cacao?

The first step is to understand and support them in their daily challenges. These include for instance controlling pests and diseases and constructing decent roads needed to transport and sell cacao beans. Another challenge in the production of chocolate is to maintain the traceability and purity of the cacao bean varieties.

  • Tiara Setiadi
    "Cacao is not difficult to grow, but cacao is difficult to maintain." Tiara Setiadi, Intergreen cocoa plantation owner, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Wilbert Philips
    "Climate change is producing important effects which can already be felt in some countries. Above all, the effect on diseases will become more and more important." Wilbert Phillips, International expert on cocoa. Catie, Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Philippe Troplin
    "The challenge consists of respecting the product so that it will be unique at the end." Philippe Troplin, R&D, Louviers, France

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