Episode 14 - From cacao to chocolate

Three key elements define chocolate: its flavour, its colour, and its texture.

When the cacao arrives at the factory in bags, a long and intensive process begins to shape and finetune these three aspects: splitting the shell, roasting, grinding, pressing, and conching... The goal? To achieve the perfect chocolate".

This final episode of the Cocoa Documentary shows the different steps in the chocolate-making process which together hold the key to the perfect chocolate. Finding new cacao flavours and achieving better quality and stability is an ongoing challenge.

  • Christophe Leclerc
    "To bring better quality, greater stability to the product we will deliver to our clients." Christophe Leclerc - R&D operations manager, Louviers, France
  • Philippe Troplin - Cacao R&D, Louviers, France
    "It’s always what we call the trilogy for me: the flavour, the colour and the texture." Philippe Troplin - Cacao R&D, Louviers, France
  • Valentine Detalle
    "The perfect chocolate must have a good taste and also should be pleasant to look at, and at the same time tempting, we should be willing to taste it." Valentine Detalle - Chocolate R&D Cacao Barry, Meulan, France