Episode 4 - Gastronomy

Chocolate is not a product, it is the result of a precise process.
Like cooking, it is about combining the right ingredients, allowing them to influence and elevate each other in order to get the most exquisite chocolate.
The secret to a perfect result is patience, knowledge and passion.

Right now we are adding the paste, the cocoa begins to release its fat, which will enable us to start manipulating the preparation in order to make tablets.

Manuel Valenzuela - Cholula Cocoa Plantation

Chocolate has a property which I think hasn’t been sufficiently analysed but in practice, cooks from around the world see it, chocolate exalts the senses.

Yuriria Iturriaga, Anthropologist and Ethnocook

Chocolate is not a product, it’s a process, it doesn’t come up by itself, you have to work on its wild nature, which needs to be tamed and domesticated. It has to be brought into this product that we use to make chocolate.

Jordi Roca, Pastry Chef at El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars)

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