Episode 7 - Post Harvest

At the plantation, one of the crucial procedures to unleash the sensorial richness of cocoa takes place after the harvest. If this goes wrong, you get off flavour. But if you handle it right, you can bring out exceptional cocoa flavours in the final product.

Establishing general good practises to guarantee the best flavour is not possible because every region all around the world is very specific.

"The mechanical drier is very important for our cocoa, because we can not rely on the sun everyday..."

Ferdiansyah Wahyo, Processing manager, Banjarsari cacao plantation, Jember, Java , Indonesia

A fine fermented cocoa, for me, is a cocoa well balanced, with no after-taste of fermented flavour, like touches of salami or cured ham.

Jaume Soldevila, Chocolate R&D, Vic, Spain

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