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We use the hashtag #CacaoCollective in all communications we post on social media and for every event we organize in an effort to bring together chefs looking for chocolate inspirations and recognition. Made for and by chefs.

Interview: Morgane Traffort for the Cacao Collective Blog Cacao Barry

Interview: Morgane Traffort for the Cacao Collective Blog


Throwback to our Rugoso plantation trip #1 : a complete recipe collection to get inspiration for your next creations!


3 new recipes!


Discover our new Origami mould : the Penguin created by our chef Julie Sharp

Interview: Karen Smith for the Cacao Collective Blog Cacao Barry

Interview: Karen Smith for the Cacao Collective Blog

Benjamin Dufour - Winner of the UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

Benjamin Dufour the winner of the UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters 2019.

The Jury - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Dessert

The Jury of the Junior Chocolate Masters UK& Ireland 2019.

Adam Cleal - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

I spent 8 years in Spain when I was a child and at the time I was doing lots of baking with my mum.

Patrick Hilder - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

It probably all started for me baking with both my mum and grandma as a young child.

Benjamin Dufour - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

It all began ten years ago in France when I started to learn about the pastry world and when I saw all that is possible with our two hands - it’s priceless!

Bethanie Dove - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

The love of food, baking and chocolate has always been the heart of the Dove’s family home.

Georgia Roberts - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

I always baked growing up as a kid because my mum is always in the kitchen so it just seemed natural to turn my hobby into a career.


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Our latest bulletin is about the adventurous journey taken by our team in Barcelona led by Miquel Guarro.


Rugoso : Discover this new RaRe chocolate #2 - Limited edition “Millésime” beans from Nicaragua

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