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Jacopo Bruni, the Executive Pastry Chef from the London EDITION hotel has moved to London from Italy to find new challenges. After he conquers London, he will be moving to Shanghai. Get to know his exciting story and a view of an Italian pastry chef in London on the pastry world in Britain.


Can you imagine the indulgency of the wonderful chocolate accented by the sweet sour flavour of poached apricots melting on your tongue? Well, here you have it. We are sharing the recipe by Heather Kaniuk, from the London Shangri-La.


If you enjoyed Ririn's interview, you can now try out this indulgent recipe created by the talented pastry chef.


Ririn grew up in Indonesia in a family where her mother ran her own restaurant. The young girl wanted to study to become a lawyer, but her mother insisted she should go to a catering school. She listened to her and slowly fell in love with the profession. 


If you enjoy watching the great masters of chocolate shaping their fantastic creations in a competition that includes stunning showpieces, delicious desserts, beautiful bonbons and innovative concepts of food on the go, we have some great news for you!


Domenico Camporeale was born and raised in the beautiful Puglia in the South of Italy but his childhood was not as carefree as one would expect. Get to know the story of this young talented pastry chef who is now in charge of the sweet delights at the Park Plaza Westminster.


Helen Vass, the young talented Scottish pastry chef from Glasgow, known to us also as a part of the winning team of the Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, creates fantastic desserts. We already know this (we interviewed her last year here). The great news is that she is coming to London for a two day desserts pop-up which I am sure you don’t want to miss. It will take place on 14th and 15th February and we asked Helen to tell us more about it: