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Heather Kaniuk, the executive pastry chef of the Shangri-La at the Shard moved to the UK from New Zealand. We talked with her about Christmas on her beautiful green island and at her new home.


Countdown to Christmas started and so we are asking the chefs to share with us their Christmas recipes and thoughts. This week is sharing her version of the Buche du Noel Heather Kaniuk, the execurive pastry chef from Shangri-La at The Shard. Enjoy!


The vibrant energy of summer has spread to the pastry kitchens. Today we talked to Heather Kaniuk, the executive pastry chef at Hotel Shangri-La in London about this year’s summer flavours.


Can you imagine the indulgency of the wonderful chocolate accented by the sweet sour flavour of poached apricots melting on your tongue? Well, here you have it. We are sharing the recipe by Heather Kaniuk, from the London Shangri-La.


Easter is just around the corner, which for pastry chefs, means lots of work, creativity and a great challenge to prepare beautiful Easter collections. We have checked out what some of the best pastry chefs have been preparing for Easter.