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Introducing the Judges of the UK&IE Junior Chocolate Masters Competition:
Ruth Hinks, Sarah Frankland, Michele Stanco


Ruth Hinks, one of the best British pastry chefs, the lady who was the best positioned British chef ever at WCM, created these beauties for Halloween, but they are, without these scary faces, perfect macarons for any autumnal day.


In a week, six talented, hard working pastry chefs from the UK and Ireland are going to compete in the national competition for the World Chocolate Masters.


This week we are sharing with you a recipe for a delicious yuzu caramel bonbon by the 2013 UK Chocolate Master Ruth Hinks. May it inspire your creations!


Ruth Hinks, the owner of the Cocoa Black - The chocolate and pastry school, is a born winner. It is not surprising that she reached the highest position ever for the UK at the World Chocolate Masters: the 5th place in 2013. Here is her story and her advice to all those who are thinking about competing in this wonderful but challenging competition.