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We use the hashtag #CacaoCollective in all communications we post on social media and for every event we organize in an effort to bring together chefs looking for chocolate inspirations and recognition. Made for and by chefs.


Discover Naomi Mizuno's testimonial about his Or Noir™ chocolate.


Discover Davide Oldani's testimonial about his Armonia 73% signature dark chocolate couverture.


Chef Jason Bangerter and pastry chef Rachel Nicholson also featured their Or Noir Chocolates, Langdon Hall’s own signature chocolates.


"For me it was fascinating to have the chance to taste, identify and select each source and beans to see which one would make the chocolate I wanted."


"When, one year ago, Cacao Barry proposed me to create my own Or Noir™, I didn't spend too long to take my decision."


"These days, mass products are everywhere. If we want to stand out, we need to find unique products."


"I got the greatest satisfaction from my customers' compliments who recognise me in my MEXIKO SUPERIOR, a truly unique chocolate."


This 5 star hotel, voted the Best European Hotel in 2010, created its exclusive range of chocolates using an OR NOIR™ recipe.


"Our customers were thrilled, delighted and flattered to take part in glazing our chocolate, and that boosted sales."


Shigei HIRAI, winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2009, won 500 kg of OR NOIR™ couverture in his prize. He created his OR NOIR™ recipe to coincide with the opening of his shop in February 2012.


Discover Pierre Mirgalet's testimonial about his "1er Voyage" 69% signature dark couverture chocolate.


In 2009, Markus A. BOHR, made use of the OR NOIR™ laboratory's tools to create two milk and dark couverture chocolates exclusive to HARRODS.