Thriving Nature

On our way to carbon neutral chocolates

Our goal

The reality of climate change - deforestation, carbon emissions - is a real threat to the cocoa ecosystem, the lives of farmers and, ultimately, the taste of cacao.

The only way to overcome it is to let nature do what it has been doing for millions of years: thrive. A difficult challenge for humanity, which must work to limit its impact in order to allow nature to flourish.

By doing so, we will offer the world quality chocolates that will not damage, but will help us maintain a liveable planet for generations to come.

Time is not on our side. Today, we have no choice but to be collectively on our way to carbon neutral chocolates.



How to become deforestation free and carbon neutral ? 

Therefore, our objective is to make West-African farmers become the solution by initiating on-farm interventions and optimization programs that sequester carbon in soil and plants while improving the natural development of the taste of the cocoa we love so much :

• Distribution and planting of cocoa and non-cocoa trees to restore farms,
• Farmer awareness raising sessions on environmental protection,
• GPS farm mapping to ensure cocoa is not being sourced from forest land,
• Distribution of cleaner energy cookstoves in farmer homes.

Our approach

To meet this crucial challenge , we are committed to working towards measuring the following impacts:

By year 1
• % of deforestation free farming lands
• Number of trees planted/distributed
• Number of farmers trained on environmental issues

By year 3-5
• Tonnes of CO2 sequestred
• % of high risk farmers proven to be out of deforested areas

By year 5
• Over 5 years 100% of carbon emissions will be sequestred equivalent to CO2 cocoa in our chocolate
• All cocoa farmers (2,300) supplying Pureté are carbon neutral


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