Macarons & Vegetables

Why a collection of vegetable macarons?

Invasion of the Plants is a creative exercise in which the chefs of the Cacao Barry® brand around the world have put together a collection of recipes inspired by combining plants and chocolates. The result has been captured in the first #CacaoCollective Magazine. This collection of macarons created by Ramon Morató continues this trend and proposes seven macarons, which have been created using seven different vegetables combined with white chocolate couverture.

Why Zephyr™ white chocolate?

With a lower sugar content compared to traditional white chocolates, rich in milk notes and a creamy texture, Zephyr™ white chocolate is the perfect ally in these preparations. The aim was to provide just the right texture and flavour to enable vegetables to take starring role in these macarons.

Tips: In order to fully appreciate a product half way between savoury and sweet during tasting, a salty element (a cheese associated with each vegetable, a pepper crumble, a jelly or special salt) has been placed on the surface of all the macarons in the collection. During tasting, this salty entrance is perceived first, giving way to the sweet sensation of the vegetable macaron. It is important to assemble the macarons and leave them to ‘mature’ 12 hours in the fridge before serving in order to hydrate the shell. Finish by topping with the surface elements just before serving.


A species belonging to the Solanaceas family. It is an annual, occasionally biannual, herbaceous plant, erect or decumbent, which varies in size according to the variety.


A plant from the Chenopodioideae subfamily, part of the Amaranthaceae family. There are numerous varieties of the species.


It is a root vegetable that belongs to the Apiaceae family, also called Umbelliferae, and considered the most commonly eaten species in this family.


Plant that comes from the Solanaceae family. In fact, numerous shapes, sizes, colours and flavours, described and named in popular culture, belong to this same family. More specifically, this plant is from the Capsicum genus.


An herbaceous plant of the legume family. It is an annual, vining cultivar that varies in form and habit. The plant has fairly undeveloped plant system, although with a taproot that reaches down into the soil.


Cucumber is an annual, monoicous cultivar, i.e. male and female flowers on the same plant. It is from the Cucurbitaceae family.


A cultivated plant belonging to the Apiaceas family. The entire plant has a strong acrid flavour, i.e. bitter. However, the blanching of the stems during cultivation makes it lose this quality, acquiring a sweeter flavour.

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