Extra-Bitter Guayaquil

Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% joins the Pureté range

By introducing our iconic Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% into our Pureté™ range, we make the commitment to provide deforestation free and carbon neutral chocolates.

For every kilo of high-flavor Purete products sold, about $0.30 goes towards training the farmer on sound practices and develop their farming communities. What Thriving Nature™ means is that 5000 farmers will now receive more training and tools tailored to run smart, deforestation-free, agroforestry farms.  We will work with farmers to create superior flavour in a holistic way, from pre-harvest to post -harvest.

An intense and responsible chocolate for us and generations to come : 

• 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa,
• Optimised farmer-to-chef process to ensure high quality cocoa flavour,
• Excellent workability and flavour consistency,
• Financial support for the Foundation Cocoa Horizons™,
• Initiator of the Thriving Nature™ program, our commitment to be deforestation free and carbon positive by 2025.

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