plant-based cherry polenta cake

Plant-based Cacao & Cherry Polenta cake by Julie Sharp

Julie Sharp

"Chocolate and cherry are a classic flavour combination put together here in a simple but sophisticated way ."

Julie Sharp - Head of Chocolate Academy™ UK
cherry chocolate polenta cake by chef julie sharp


This cake can be made up in advance and frozen. it is also nice to use with other summer flavours like lemon and blueberry. You can soak the sponge with a syrup to add extra flavour.


  1. Polenta cake
  2. Creme Chantilly
  3. Cherry compote
  4. Chocolate and cinnamon sorbet
  5. Decoration


The Cacao Powders Collection added value: I used the Nature Fruitée cacao powder as it has a nice acidity that complements the fruits used in this dessert.