Maganja Bonbon

Bonbons, tablets & lollipops

Maganja Bonbon

Created by
  • Gabriele Riva
    U.S. Cacao Barry Ambassador and pastry chef at Nobu
level 2
Recipe components

Spicy Xtabentún Ganache


Infuse the heavy cream with all the spices for 24 hours in the refrigerator.
Strain the heavy cream and bring to a boil with inverted sugar, glucose syrup and Échiré butter.
Let cool the heavy cream to 70 Celsius and pour on top of Madirofolo dark chocolate and 38.2% Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate.
Emulsify the ganache using the hand blander and create a perfect emulsion. 
Let the ganache to cool down to 30 Celsius and fill the berlingot molds made in advance with Madirofolo dark chocolate.

Let the ganache crystallize 24 hours and cover the bottom with Madirofolo chocolate. 
Remove the bonbons from the mold.