Colours from Haïti - lime and cane honey chocolates

Colours from Haïti - lime and cane honey chocolates

Recipe for approx. 4 "Buche" moulds

Liquid cane honey filling

Used products: Liquid cane honey filling

  • 6.7 oz
    cane sugar honey
  • 0.4 oz
    glucose syrup DE 60
  • 1 beans(s)
    Haiti vanilla

Preparation: Liquid cane honey filling

Mix the three ingredients and set aside.

Lime ganache

Used products: Lime ganache

  • 4.9 oz
    lime juice
  • 0.2 oz
    lime zest
  • 2.8 oz
    35% cream
  • 2.1 oz
    invert sugar
  • 1.8 oz
    glucose syrup DE 60
  • 2.5 oz
  • 9.2 oz
  • 10.6 oz
  • 4.9 oz
    anhydrous butter

Preparation: Lime ganache

Grate the lime peel using a "microplane" and immediately add to the lime juice.
Dissolve the sugars in the juice, add the liquid cream and heat to about 30ºC.
Separately melt the two couvertures and anhydrous butter to about 45/45ºC.
Add the aqueous phase to the couvertures and mix until well emulsified.


Used products: Assembly

  • Q.S.
  • MLD-090570

Preparation: Assembly

Pre-crystallize the cocoa butter and use to sparingly line the mini half-bûche chocolate moulds.
Then, pre-set the Haiti 65% cacao dark chocolate couverture and use to line the chocolate moulds. 
Dispense a drop of cane honey and vanilla filling into each mould, followed by some lime truffle ganache when its temperature has reached about 32ºC.
Allow to set for a few hours and then seal the base with Haiti 65% cacao dark chocolate couverture.
Unmould and reserve.