Honey and black sesame seed bar


Honey and black sesame seed bar

Created by
  • Ramon Morato
    Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand
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Recipe components

Liquid honey filling

  • 190g
    wildflower honey
  • 10g
    glucose syrup

Mix the two ingredients and reserve.

Caramelised honey and Lactée Barry truffle

  • 240g
    wildflower honey
  • 200g
  • 240g
    whipped cream 35%
  • 60g
    glucose syrup DE 44
  • 930g
  • 100g
    anhydrous butter

Boil the honey until it reaches 140 °C, deglaze with the warmed milk and cream.
Once cooled, weigh the mixture and top up with mineral water until the total weight is 680 g.
Add the glucose syrup to this mixture and bring the temperature to around 30 °C.
Separately, melt the couverture, cocoa butter and anhydrous butter at 45 ºC.
Incorporate the liquid to the couverture mix and ensure a uniform emulsion.

Black sesame seed crisp interior

  • 160g
  • 160g
    sesame paste
  • 44g
    anhydrous butter
  • 2g
  • 84g
    caramelised sesame seeds (80% sesame - 20% confectioner's sugar)
  • 62g
    crisp cereal pieces

Melt the couverture, anhydrous butter and cocoa butter.
Mix and incorporate the sesame paste, cereal pieces and caramelised sesame seeds.
Temper at around 23 °C and pour into the moulds.


  • Q.S.
    black paint (cocoa butter and black colouring)
  • Q.S.
    yellow paint (cocoa butter and yellow colouring)
  • Q.S.
    gold powder
  • MLD-090528
  • o

Place a removable stencil in the mould with the desired shape (rectangle, square, etc.) to create the decoration.
Temper the black paint and with an airbrush, spray thin layer on the bar moulds.
Remove the stencil and spray once again with black paint to achieve a black droplet effect.
Then sprinkle with gold dust and finally spray once again with tempered yellow paint.
Line the moulds with Fleur de Cao (70% cocoa) dark chocolate couverture.
Pipe a strip of liquid honey filling in the base and then add the honey truffle, filling the mould to 70% of its capacity.
Leave to crystallise for a few hours and then add the black sesame seed filling.
Leave to crystallise and then cover with dark chocolate couverture.
Unmould and set aside.