Cardamom-infused Esmeralda tablet

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Cardamom-infused Esmeralda tablet

Created by
  • Ramon Morató
    Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand
level 3
Ingredients for approx. 4 moulds
Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components

Cardamom-infused Esmeralda bar

  • 2000g
    La Esmeralda
  • 2g
    green cardamom

Melt the Esmeralda dark chocolate couverture and place in a container or vacuum bag with crushed green cardamom.
Seal and keep in the warmer at 40°C for 48 hours.
Take out and filter the infused chocolate.
Temper the chocolate and pipe into the moulds. 
Leave to crystallise.
Unmould and decorate with a strip of the bar, previously moulded and painted with cocoa butter and green colouring paint to obtain a velvet effect.
Pack and store.