Le choucolat

Le choucolat

Recipe for approximately 20 chocolate bouchées

Vanilla marshmallow

Used products: Vanilla marshmallow

  • 3.9 oz
  • 1.1 oz
    invert sugar
  • 2.5 oz
  • 0.9 oz
    gelatin mass 200 Bloom
  • 1.6 oz
    invert sugar
  • 1/2 pod(s)

Preparation: Vanilla marshmallow

Heat the sugar, water and inverted sugar (1) to 110 °C.
Add the gelatin mass.
Pour onto the inverted sugar (2) and the vanilla.
Whip with an electric beater to obtain a smooth consistency and then pipe the mixture into half of a Ø3cm spherical silicone mold.

Pure hazelnut rosette

Used products: Pure hazelnut rosette

Preparation: Pure hazelnut rosette

Mix together the Pure Hazelnut Paste and crystallized milk chocolate and whisk until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Quinoa crisp

Used products: Quinoa crisp

Preparation: Quinoa crisp

Crystallize the milk chocolate, pour onto the Pure Hazelnut Paste and add the puffed quinoa.
Spread out on baking paper in a 3-mm thick sheet and cut out 3.5 cm discs.


Create molds in the shape of (hollow) choux with the Passy™ Lenôtre 70% dark chocolate. 
Place 10 g of hazelnut praline filling inside and then add the crispy quinoa disc.
Add more (approximately 10 g) of the praline filling and let crystallize.
Seal with the crystallized Passy™ dark chocolate couverture.


Put a half-sphere of vanilla marshmallow on top of the chou and pipe a pure hazelnut rosette (similarly to a chantilly cream puff). 
Decorate with small marshmallow cubes and caramelized hazelnuts.