8 Yield
The warming senses and flavors of hot coffee and toasted pine nuts make you reminiscent of cozy wintertimes.
Shelf life:
6 Months
Room temperature

Pine Nut Praliné

Used products: Pine Nut Praliné

  • 2.0 lb
    pine nuts
  • 0.2 oz
  • 8.3 oz

Preparation: Pine Nut Praliné

  1. Lightly toast pine nuts, and set aside to cool
  2. Place 544g of toasted pine nuts and salt on a sheet pan with a Silpat
  3. With the sugar create a dry caramel and pour it over the pine nuts
  4. Once cool proceed to process in a Robot Coupe to create a fine paste
  5. Process the remaining pine nuts in a Robot Coupe to create pine nut butter

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  • Saucepan
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Silpat
  • Bowl (s)
  • Sheet pan
  • Microplane
  • Spatula
  • Robot Coupe

Pine Nut Gianduja

Used products: Pine Nut Gianduja

Preparation: Pine Nut Gianduja

  1. Melt the chocolate to 40°C (104°F)
  2. Mix with the praline and pine nut butter until the fats are homogenized
  3. Temper to 24 to 25°C (77°F)

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  • Thermometer
  • Bowl (s)
  • Spatula

Lemon & Coffee Infusion

Used products: Lemon & Coffee Infusion

  • 1.3 lb
    heavy cream
  • 3.5 oz
    coffee beans
  • 0.2 oz
    lemon peel

Preparation: Lemon & Coffee Infusion

Make a cold infusion with coffee and lemon peel and set it in a cooler for 24 hours

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  • Vacuum bag (s)

Lemon & Coffee Ganache

Used products: Lemon & Coffee Ganache

Preparation: Lemon & Coffee Ganache

  1. Melt and mix the white chocolate with the cocoa butter and heat to 40°C (104°F)
  2. Add the infusion to an immersion blender and mix until it homogenizes
  3. Once the mixture reaches 30°C and set aside

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  • Piping Bag
  • Metal Scraper
  • Airbrush
  • 26 cm chocolate bar molds


Used products: Procedure

Preparation: Procedure

  1. Temper the chocolate then use the molds to create shells and let it crystalize
  2. Add tempered ganache to a piping bag and fill the molds up to two-thirds of the way and let crystalize
  3. Temper gianduja to 23 to 24°C (75°F) and dose over the ganache and let it crystalize
  4. Temper white chocolate and cap shells then let crystalize
  5. Remove bars from the molds and freeze to an external temperature of zero
  6. Melt the cocoa butter and chocolate to 40°C (104°F)
  7. Cool down to 29°C then add to an airbrush and spray the bars to create a velvet effect