Alunga™ Ice Cream

Used Cacao Barry products
Spring / Summer

Alunga™ Ice Cream

Created by
  • Bruno Cordier
    MOF Glacier 1997 - Ambassador Cacao Barry
level 1
Recipe for 960 g of ice cream
Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components

Alunga™ Ice Cream

  • 589g
    whole milk
  • 139g
    35% cream
  • 18g
    invert sugar

Heat to 185°F/85°C

  • 2g
    0% fat powdered milk
  • 5g
    emulsifying stabilizer
  • 35g

At 122°F/50°C, add the following mixture

Keep cooking.

At 158°F/70°C, add

Finish cooking at 185ºF/85°C.
Cool quickly then let sit for 12 hours.
Mix and place in an ice cream maker.