Cocoa Croquant

Used products: Cocoa Croquant

Preparation: Cocoa Croquant

Mix all ingredients together and spread onto Silpat sheet.
Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes and break into pieces.

Salty Caramel

Used products: Salty Caramel

  • 0.7 oz
  • 0.1 oz
    sea salt
  • 1.3 oz
    unsalted butter
  • 3.1 oz
    fine sugar
  • 4.4 oz
    35% cream

Preparation: Salty Caramel

Make dark caramel with sugar and glucose.
Add preheated cream and cook to 110°C.
Leave to cool to 45°C, and add butter and sea salt. Mix well.
Apply as praline filling at 26°C.

Orange Ganache

Used products: Orange Ganache

Preparation: Orange Ganache

Boil together cream, Trimoline® and orange zest, and pour over chocolate.
Leave to cool to 45°C. Add butter and Cointreau®, and mix well.
Apply as praline filling at 26°C. 

Grey Cocoa Butter

Used products: Grey Cocoa Butter

Preparation: Grey Cocoa Butter

Melt cocoa butter at 45°C.
Mix in colourings and apply at 32°C.
Leave painted mould to crystallise.

Finishing and assembly:

Used products: Finishing and assembly:

Preparation: Finishing and assembly:

Make shells with pre-crystallised Cacao Barry® dark chocolate couverture Fleur de Cao™ 70% cocoa.
Fill with salty caramel, cocoa croquant and orange ganache.
Seal and decorate.