Crèmes et crémeux

Flavouring creams and custards


Creams and custards

Creams and custards are prepared with a whole range of possibilities and variations. In principle, it is a matter of preparations in which custard or fresh cream (whipped) play a starring role, flavoured for example with chocolate. The difference from a mousse: cream is softer and fuller and does not have the aerated structure that characterises a mousse.

Which Cacao Barry products are best suited for flavouring creams and custards?

1. Chocolates

All our chocolates can be used to flavour creams and custards, whether dark, milk or white. Please note: some chocolates have a more balanced or more pronounced taste than others. Ideally, we advise testing with different types of chocolate in order to select your preferred flavour - combined or not with other ingredients.

2. A little touch of fantasy

Creams and custards may also develop more nuanced flavours thanks to flavoured chocolates (coffee or caramel), coloured and flavoured decorations (orange), giandujas, hazelnut/almond pralines ...

3. Ready-to-use creams

Cacao Barry also supplies an assortment of ready to use creams. The K d'arôme flavouring range is available in 2 different variants: cocoa or caramel. These products can also be used to flavour your creams and custards.

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